pick-Your-Own Nail polish And phallic Stickers - Roland Mouret SS19 Was All About Female Empowerment

  Mr Mouret puts the power in his models' hands.




  Roland Mouret didn't want to just dress the models at his show, he and make-up artist Val Garland wanted to let them express themselves, their femininity, and their sexuality.

  The collection itself drew inspiration from strong female voices and figures (Georgia O’Keefe, activist Emma Gonzalez, feminist artist Judy Chicago and the lead in ‘Emmanuelle’, a woman on a ‘voyage of sexual self-discovery’ in the 1970’s French movie) and so it's quite right the models should have their say too.

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  Roland Mouret - Backstage - LFW September 2018


  This was not Val Garlands first ‘choose your own look’ rodeo. Her make-up (using MAC), was simple – a little primer, concealer where needed – with extra touches personalised for each girl.

  'If you were going to meet a date, for a coffee, what would you wear? What would make you feel good?' Val asked the prepped and primed model. 'A nude lip?' 'Let’s give it a go then'. Another suggests smudgy liner ('smudge it some more, no thin edges, we want it to look real'). It's each to their own.

  Individuality? Now that's a beauty trend we can get on board with.

  Roland Mouret SS19


  Sam McKnight headed up the hair team, who – again - let the girls' natural hair lead the style. Curls are left curly, with no wigs or weaves in sight. There’s a soft, easy look about it all; it’s unashamedly feminine.

  'We want to create a feeling that they’re all in the same friendship group, but with their own looks and roles', says Marian Newman, who’s in charge of nails. 'They’re all cool girls. Sexual beings. We want to see some sort of sexuality with the girls, however the want to express it'.

  Roland Mouret - Backstage - LFW September 2018


  Allowed to choose their own Kure Bazaar nail polish colour (and not just from 2 or 3, but a full range), from fiery reds to moody blues, with the nail shape left however it arrived, the power was literally in the models' hands.

  The empowered mood backstage was perked up further by Roland’s team handing out stickers of graphic designs he commissioned artist Mehrnoosh Khadivi to create for the show ('His favourite is this one – because it looks like a vagina!').

  Roland Mouret SS19


  The designs, vibrant and suggestively phallic, embodied the theme of his show: female empowerment. As did his choice of runway music, a rendition of the late Aretha Franklin’s ‘Natural Woman’.

  Fashion, individuality and feminism are coming together once again, and we’re all for it.

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